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Learning, Fun and More-PGDM Induction Program 2017

Inauguration of the Induction program for the PGDM batch 2017-19 held on Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad rolled out its Induction program for PGDM batch 2017-19 on Tuesday, July 04, 2017. The ceremony commenced with a welcome address by Prof. Jayanta Sengupta who guided the aspirant grads about their roles and responsibilities. It was followed by Lamp lighting wherein students were also invited on the podium along with dignitaries. Mr. Tarun Arora, COO & Director, Zydus Wellness Ltd. graced the occasion as Guest of Honor for the inaugural session. He shared his experience and lessons of life very candidly with the budding managers. The students were also benefited with ‘Six point’ tips from the Dean, Prof. Manas Chakravarty. The session culminated with a ‘Vote of Thanks’ delivered by the Director-Academics, Dr. Bhuvneshwar Gupta. The entire program witnessed Prof. Kunj Ganatra as Master of Ceremony.

Induction Program Day 2-‘Teaming up’ activity helped the new students explore their leadership skills

The second day of the first week of induction program started with ‘Teaming up’ activity. It was designed and conceived by Prof. Manas Chakravarty. No work in the business world is carried out in isolation but in the team. As such, this activity was in tandem with the corporate functioning. It required electing a team leader and an alternate for the leader, coin a name for them, create a team flag and team anthem with lyrics and tune. All the eight groups were monitored by a faculty coordinator and were provided with raw material and asked to comply with the instructions. 
In the given time frame, they gave a presentation justifying their flag design and explaining the objective of their team name, anthem and handled questions from the audience. The faculty mentors shared their observation and students’ involvement in the activity. The jury comprised of Prof. Jayanta Sengupta, Dr. Bhuvneshwar Gupta, and Prof. Hardik Gandhi. The first prize of cash Rs.2000/- went to Team-8 mentored by Dr. Sunil Patel whereas Team-2 won the runners-up prize of cash Rs.1500/-. The day ended with a summary of business dynamics briefed by Prof. Manas Chakravarty.

Induction Program Day 3: Management game helped students understand various Industry operations 

The third day of the UWSB PGDM Induction program-2017 was coordinated by Prof. Bhupinder Arora. The students participated in a real-life business scenario under an activity ‘Boat Building Simulation’.

The objective of this management game was to give students a comprehensive exposure and hands-on experience of an array of Industry operations right from registration of a company to manufacturing and marketing of the product. It also aimed to simulate negotiation skills, decision-making, time management, teamwork, problem-solving, market & financial analysis and leadership qualities among the students. Various groups of students were formed and assigned roles to create varied business entities. All the students were enthusiastically absorbed in the activity throughout the day. The students were also required to share their learning and challenges towards the end of the game. Prof. Arora summed up the day with his inputs on the entire exercise and integrated observations from the faculty members as well.

The first prize was conferred to Team -1; Black Pearl Seacraft Pvt. Ltd., mentored by Dr. Kishor Bhanushali & Team-5, Frozen Shipping Pvt. Ltd. won the second prize mentored by Prof. Priyanka Nair.

The first prize was conferred to Team -1; Black Pearl Seacraft Pvt. Ltd., mentored by Dr. Kishor Bhanushali & Team-5, Frozen Shipping Pvt. Ltd. won the second prize mentored by Prof. Priyanka Nair.


Induction Program Day 4: Treasure Hunt

The first half of the fourth day of UWSB PGDM Induction program-2017 started with English Language proficiency test. It aimed to identify the gray areas of language competency of students and subsequently take the corrective measures. It was followed by a session on ‘History of Indian Business’ by UWSB mentor, Prof. Jayaynta Sengupta. A detailed panorama of Indian history from 300 B.C. till present day of Entrepreneurial India was briefed in an interactive fashion. Prof. Sengupta also threw light on the first management Guru-Chanakya and his work in addition to discussion on the fundamentals of business strategy-Sama, Dama, Danda, Bheda. The students were enlightened with the session and accolade Prof. Sengupta with a huge applause.

The second half involved students with fun and excitement till the end of the day. Prof. Bhupinder Arora and Prof. Hardik Gandhi jointly coordinated the activity-‘Treasure Hunt’ for students. The prime objective of the exercise was to familiarize the students with the campus infrastructure. It also channelized students’ dynamism, team synergy, observation power and problem solving ability. Prof. Manas Chakravarty and Dr. Bhuvneshwar Gupta felicitated Team-1 with first prize and Team-3 with the second prize.



Induction Program Day 5: Pillars of Success

The first day of second week of the UWSB Induction program 2017 commenced with a life skill session on ‘Pillars of Success’. Dr. Bhuvneshwar Gupta anchored this session with emphasis on purpose of life, significance of goal setting, chasing and achieving it with enhanced efficiency.

Further, the students were enlightened with the dynamics of life and dealing with perseverance while moving out from the comfort zone. Dr. Gupta also shared the success mantra for professional success by staying positive, weeding out negativity and their impact on physical and mental health. The students were highly stimulated through the session.

The second half was divided into three tutorial sessions on Communication Skills, Accounting and Quantitative testing running parallel with a Dean’s Panel Interview. The students were required to attend all these sessions on rotation basis throughout the week.

Induction Program Day 6: Thinking Healthy

On the 6th day of the UWSB Induction program 2017, Prof. Kunj Ganatra started the session while involving the students in an open discussion on ‘Thinking Healthy’. Prof. Kunj tried to capsulate positivity and healthy thinking for professional success in her interaction with the students. The students were also guarded from the contents of social media and suggested to filter the appropriate information out of it.

The second session on ‘Business Legend’ was administered by Prof. Hardik Gandhi. Two short videos on the lives of living business legends were shown to students. The students were highly inspired with the success stories of Dr. Subhash Chandra (Zee Telefilms) and Sunil Bharti Mittal (Airtel).

Induction Program Day 7: Expectation Management

The Semester-1 PGDM students learnt the fundamental principles and art of managing expectations with fun on Wednesday, July 12, during their second week of UWSB Induction program 2017. Prof. Daisy Kurien coordinated the session on ‘Expectation Management’ as resource faculty. The session aimed to facilitate the students in understanding and establishing relevance of realistic expectations for self and accordingly take actions to make them achievable. The pedagogy for the session included management games, pair and group activities apart from presentation by Prof. Kurien.

Induction Program Day 8: The World is not Enough

Prof. Gaurav Arora verbalized on ‘The World is not Enough’ during the eight day of the UWSB Induction Program 2017. He discussed a gamut of concepts related to globalization right from culture to technology citing examples from Asia, US, UK, and Middle East. The students were also enlightened on the future of global companies operating in India and vice-versa. The sessions were carried out in an interactive manner using videos, team exercise, PPTs etc. The insightful session also gave the students a new perspective towards the work cultures of various global organizations.