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Workshop on Business Intelligence

A workshop on Business Intelligence was conducted by Dr. Sunil Lakdawala who is a Ph.D. holder from Yale University, USA and has over 20 years of industry experience in IT.

The workshop was arranged for two days at our campus. Aspects relating to data mining, forecasting, and Online Analytic Processing were covered in the workshop. In data mining, the detailed knowledge was given regarding the techniques which include supervised and unsupervised techniques and the decision tree was also taught. At the same time, an introduction was given to various tools like XL Miner. The session on OLAP included discussion and analysis of quantitative data with the help of construction of pivot tables and making various changes in the data for different interpretations.

The workshop was a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge where students had hands-on experience with the software and add-ins. Few cases were discussed along with the ready to use data provided by Dr. Sunil Lakdawala. Various forecasting methods and techniques were used and explained during the workshop.

Overall, it was a very exciting and knowledgeable workshop which introduced and helped the students in understanding the concept of OLAP, xlminer, tableau and its usefulness in Business.